It starts with a hypocritical rant….

Okay, this is going to read very hypocritical of me, personal circumstances make me write it and rant and grump like this, but hey!

I had a shock to day, someone I love dearly had something horrible happen to them, inflicted by a person they knew who had been drinking. I have also been reading the Independent and the Guardian and have come to the conclusions that our global society is screwed.

Again, I know I am being hugely hypocritical in this pile of dross that I am writing, but I do feel we have lost the concepts of society, community and friendship for the sake of ease, instant gratification and need/desire to be served. Now don’t get me wrong, I am no red flag waving socialist, but I cannot see a society that works because they all are, or want to be modelled on, “western life and capitalism”.

There is no magic bullet to fix this and all I can see are people; politicians and the like, not seeking to make these things better. Instead we get billions spent on needless causes; war, ID cards, government IT systems that don’t work and leave people worse off (Family Tax Credits).

So where are the things that are meant to be helping our society? Oh we have the ASBO, the wonders of the anti-social behaviour order. This wonder of legislation is like throwing aspirin at a gushingly fatal wound. Where are the initiatives (I wonder if politicians have any nonce to have initiatives) that address the problems that OUR society is facing? If you know of them, then let me know! Give me some hope that this planet and the human species are not in a race to see which can kill of humanity first; mind you we have given the planet a head start with all those lovely chemicals in the atmosphere.