“I don’t like rudeness…..”

In this world I understand that some people don’t get along all the time and that everybody cannot see eye to eye about everything. However saying that I cannot stand, and will stay I actively abhor, people who will see you bad before they see you good. People who will actively set out to try and offend and upset others.

Let me set the scene for those of you who are not familar with the world of “High Politics of the Scottish Mini Scene”, or incase you are the subject of this and don’t recongise yourself!

The Scootish Mini Weekend (SMW) has been a really successful event over the last few years, it is organised by the Caledonian Mini Clan (CMC) and I think I have been to the last three, and sadly due the antics of some clubs and individuals at the event this year, it appears I have been to the last SMW as the organisers announce that they were calling it a day.

The spoiling point of the weekend appeared to start at the very first few minutes of Saturday, when MiniFinity Scotland (Moanifinity Scotland) arrived early to set up their club stand and fell victim to the organisers having changed the plans slightly and requesting that people set up camp first before heading to the show ground. This apparently wasn’t good enough for Moanifinity and set their tone for the weekend.

Due to some previous Moanifinity run-ins with the Mini Clan (the club I was there with) neither club really ventured near each other on the Saturday, however as the the day drew to a close and the entertainment kicked in Moanifinity had another run-in with the CMC; it appears the returned to the club stand area where people had left their cars for the night and the CMC asked them to move either to the entertainment or the campsite, but of course they were “chased off!”.

Later that night one of the ‘grandees’ of Moanifinity sat down with us in the bar and told her tale of woe and how bad the CMC had treated them all. She closed it off with the simple phrase “I don’t like rudeness”.

At that time I gave them the benefit of the doubt, however the next morning I found a really nasty and derogitory ‘poster’ about a fellow Mini Clan member, the contents of which pointed at one group of people; Moanifinity. It is fair to say that this made me mad, the people around me saw how mad I got, but I realised that the group responsible wanted a response to firmly ruin everyones weekend.

This act of outright maliciousness, together with the backstabbing “I don’t like rudeness…..”, has put some people beyond repairing their credibility in my eyes; and some of these are people I have actively supported on the ‘mini scene’ and given lifts to on runs and tried to help.

So, I don’t understand people who wil see you bad before they see you good, but I sure as hell wish they would grow up and get a sense of reality, after all… the story just told is about everyone having a common interest in a silly wee british car that rusts like hell and is a tad unpredictable……… it should be a bonding experience if anything!