Let the Squirrel get it…..

Have a click on the below link and I am sure you will think the same as me….

Let the squirrel get it

There are two things that make me smile here….. firstly the wee thing is so damn cute, can you imaging it sitting on your desk, waking up and waving at you, and then you whisper into its ear…… what a hoot!

But the second thing is how the article taps into something I hadnt thought of but is really spot on…. technology needs to bridge that gap from being the black/beige/white box/blob into something that we can connect with. More and more we are using these machines to chat to our friends and loved ones, but at the same time we are not dealing with them directly and therefore from behind a keyboard and a screen we are not using the same parts of the brain/emotional spectrum that we would use if we were face to face with someone.

It is far easier to be harsh, or down right nasty, across e-communications cause we dont see the reaction of the person at the other end. It is the mordern “bitching behind someones back”. However if the technological device somehow made us a bit more emotionally aware (well those that are capable of such things – see previous post) we would become a little bit more sensitive to others…..

I would love to see a keyboard that would give us a wee shock everytime we typed something not so nice about someone….. when we wouldn’t say it to their face!


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