It is a Mini wedding

At late notice last week, a nervous groom gave me a call after one of his wedding cars pulled an unexpected surprise on him and he had to cancel them.

It so happened the the Bride used to have and is a great fan of the Mini. So Fes and I were called up for action as the bridesmaids car! With friends Matt McMini McCartney and Jim Blair providing the Bride and Groom, respectively, with their rides.

I have to say what a great day it was and we got loads of cheers and waves as we journeyed through a very busy Glasgow, the bride was more than her obligatory late as we got stuck at the junction of Tron and Gallowgate, and arrived a full 30 minutes after the show was meant to go on!

From there we ferried them back into the city to the Lighthouse, for what I am sure will be some fantastic photos from the viewing gallery, and back out to the southside for their reception.

I must say it gave me some cheer to bring a smile to Bob & Bec’s day and Fes and I wish them all the best!

Sorry for the pics, but I forgot to take my camera and had to do with the phone.