Weakness of clear mind

Last night I watched Elizabeth I on Channel 4 and heard an excellent quote something like:

You have the weakness of clear mind, you think other people will see things as clearly as you do.

…. and it is fair to say that I have always thought of Elizabeth 1st of England as someone I would want to have dinner with (in those quizzes “Living or dead, who would you invite to dinner?

However the quote, most likely imaginary, seals her place at my dinner table.

I am not talking myself up when I say that I think I now think very clearly, I do have a simple and clear mind, and I do feel a slight victim to it. I think it means that I am pretty straight forward in what I do, what I say, and how I interact with people. It is there that I fail, I do think they will see my actions and words as plainly as I do. They do not.

I know that it is a failing of mine that I count myself as the base, the most stupid, least understanding. I acknowledge that sometimes my comments may be seen as too harsh a criticism or not containing enough diplomacy.

I also know that I can be the most diplomatic and positive person that I know (again I don’t want to sound big headed), but there is a time and a place for that.

What I believe is that friendship requires clear and plain honesty and injustice requires to be dealt with without diplomacy taming the message.

Over the course of this week I have witnessed both capitulation to injustice by those I thought would raise the standard and fight it and the complexities in the mind of a friend twist and misunderstand what was intended as a kind gesture of delivering a birthday present.

It is fair to say that I am stymied (well it is Friday), I have chosen to remove myself from the injustice and just wait for the annoyance and recrimination of the friend.

I sometimes wonder if I should just shut up, not show my genuine enthusiasm and interest in life, but then that would just be betraying myself for them……. this weekend I think I will be thinking long and hard about people and things, cause I don’t like feeling the way I feel right now.