Working stuff out.

I had lunch today with my friend whom I mention below in the “Weakness…” posting. It had been almost three weeks since we had seen each other, since he had stopped talking to me, and I think I was slightly cruel.

We went for lunch, Buddha in the west end, and he started on the pleasant chat and I cut him off. To me, if there are issues or problems they have to be sorted out. I am not ashamed to say that, not because of him, I have had a few difficulties and stresses, over the last 2 weeks. However these were things I would have once chatted to him about, as I trusted him, and I wanted to see if that trust was still there. It was a good lunch, I understood alot, even the stuff he did not say “as some things are one way streets”, which I don’t believe. It concerned me that I didn’t get the whole reason or truth, but that is the nature of this guy.

So the answer was inconclusive. There is re-ajustments to be done on both sides.


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