Going on without God?

Once again I have another “foundation problem” with the Caltholic Church….

Vatican fuels gay clergy debate and Vatican renews ban on gay priests

I believe that everyone has a right to religious freedom; of thought and speach as long as it does not endanger or harm anyone else. However I see great hypocrisy in the following two exerpts from the second BBC article:

The first starts off on the usual Vatican stance:

The Vatican document describes homosexual acts as “grave sins” that cannot be justified under any circumstances.

“If a candidate practises homosexuality, or presents deep-seated homosexual tendencies, his spiritual director as well as his confessor have the duty to dissuade him in conscience from proceeding towards ordination,” it says.

“Such persons in fact find themselves in a situation that presents a grave obstacle to a correct relationship with men and women.”

I find this sort of statement, by an organisation that represents over a billion people in the world, inexcusable. I think there are many things that would give a priest “grave obstacle to a correct relationship with men and women”, however I fail to see how homosexuality is one of them.

However we then see that the Church is now inclusive and open…..

the paper also stresses the Church’s deep respect for homosexuals, who, it says, should by no means be discriminated against.

Spot the issues here; homosexual acts are grave sins (I take it to mean that the Catholic God will not be welcoming homosexuals into Paradise, but at best confining them to limbo, and worst condeming them to hell), however whilst there is a mortal soul of a homosexual that has not been ‘sent down’ the Church has a deep respect . Now I am confused; deep respect and grave sins for homosexuality……..

As friend has said:

Its all just a horrible joke. No wonder old churches are being turned into flats!
and it makes people not believe in god which is ridiculous because church and god are completely unconnected!!! No wonder there are hate crimes!

As for me, I am glad I have a personal faith, and a personal relationship with my gods, in which I need no other man or woman to tell me to have more faith in them than myself manage my spiritual wellbeing.

The Christmas Explosion

Sometimes I have been known to grumble about Glasgow extravagance with my council tax…… however at the moment I am enjoying a ‘high’ from the spectacular switching on of the Christmas lights.

I am a self confessed fireworks lover and the ‘dear green place’ excelled itself last night with an amazing show from the top of the city chambers in George Sq.

Unfortunately I forgot my camera, but did have my phone with me so you can see some good (and not so good) pictures on my flickr.