Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter… and Spring

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter… and Spring

This is a movie that was on BBC4 this evening and taken as a view, it is graciously beautiful, set on a floating temple on a pond amongst beautiful mountains. Truely stunning.

However you have to let the messages of this movie touch you to really appreciate it. It covers the range of emotions from the innocence of youth being dispelled through it’s own actions to the realisation anger and hate must be over come within ourselves as the world turns. There are lessons in there that more people should learn.

Brokeback Mountain

Brokeback Mountain

I went to see this movie last night with my friend Judith and it is fair to say that I visually and emotionally stunned at it. It is very rare that you see something so real, and something that you can connect with, on the cinema screen.

Brokeback Mountain covers two aspects, yes it is about the love between two men; one who can express it far more than the other. Both Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal are superb but Ledger’s performance as the quiet repressed Ennis is amazing. His muttering low voice really only shines, and at that only sometimes, for Gyllenhaal’s Jack .

Beyond the fact that this is a “gay cowboy movie”, it shows that, as the strapline of the movie says, love is a force of nature that cannot be really defined or controlled. These two people are only bright and smiling when they are back on Brockback Mountian with each other, it is an irresitable thing for them, not a planned or even conscious choice.

It is the moist poignant and beautiful of love storys.

The Root of all Evil – ep 2

I am typing this why watching Richard Dawkins’ programme on C4, The Root Of All Evil.

I have a few issues with the premise of the programme, the first is that the programme is only addressing 3 religions; Christianity, Islam and Judaism. I feel that this is missing out the on important aspects of religions such as Buddism, Hindu and Sikh, and localised/personal faiths.

Saying that I am extremely scared about the people that Dawkins talks to. There is a level of religious fanatasism that defies logical reason as these people seems to accept blind faith, the worst thing I can imagine. I do feel that human faith must evolve as much as the human culture does and those people that dogmatically hold on to scriptures, allegedly, written up to 2000 years ago and hold them as a truth for the 21st centuary deeply disturb me.

Our realtionship with (faith in) our own ideas of deity evolve through our lives and this should be expressed across the organised religion. Change, evolution and debate in faith is not a thing to be back away from; Female Bishops and Islamic Nudity. However summing up from that second article

Much of the discussion is sadly reminiscent of the old Christian debate about the number of angels that can dance on a pinhead……


Brown’s Britian Day

This must be one of the most blogged topics in the UK this weekend, Gordon Brown wanting to reclaim the Union Jack from the far right and wanting us all to celebrate Britishness.

I think I am in the group with most Scots, that say we are Scottish first and foremost, then British and European.

The Union flag is a strange thing that is spread across the world, and in someways British colonialism can be looked on as having left a legacy of blood, domination and destruction across the globe; indigenous poplutions and cultures were destroyed in the name of empire. However we can also say that the legacy of colonialism did spread a degree of ‘good things’ around the world; democracy, education and justice.

I don’t know which side of the colonial debate I am on, perhaps there was more bad than good, but all these things are associated with the Union flag; a British arrogance that we are superior. I think that we cannot wrestle back the Union flag from this as it is not only the British people but a fair slice of the rest of the world that think this.

In this age of devolution within the UK I think we have to celebrate the diversity that defines four unique nations that are an economic and political union. It would be far better that on St Andrew’s Day Scotland promotes itself (people, place and culture) to the rest of the union, and the same with the others.

The problem with this idea is, to a lesser degree in Scotland and Wales and a greater degree in England, that the sense of national identity is not there and so how can we celebrate contemporary Britian when we can not celebrate contemporary Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

If you do think you are British first and foremost, try The BBC British Test so see how British you are!


Having had varying degrees of deafness all my life (umpteen operations, some of which have cause more harm than good in the long run), I must admit that I would find it incredibly difficult to live without even my patchy sense of hearing.

For the last week I have been victim to a rather nasty wee ear infection that, and please do excuse me if I gross you out here, has caused a day of excrutiating pain, an eveing of blood black and yellow goo running from my ear, several days of tinnitus that is slowing driving me insane and the the odd twang and rumble inside my head that feels like an earthquake.

Through all of this though, I have been completely deaf on my left side (thus far considered my good side for hearing), and dispite the horrible additional afflictions listed above this has been the most profoundly difficult and frustrating thing.

Being partially deaf (Sorry what did you say, yeah “heard” them all before) this complete loss of hearing in my good side is something that affects me more than I ever thought it would. I am used to saying pardon, or shutting up in busy pubs cause I cannot keep track of a conversation, but I am also used to picking up some of it, or at least knowing that someone it talking to me.

I have now sampled some small part of the frustration some people must feel when they have a permanent loss of a sense and I consider myself very lucky that, I hope, tomorrow the doctor will resolve part of this issue for me and then consider sending me for another consult with the ENT guys.

Overall, with an untuned radio in my head, I once again am lead to consider what I have achieved in this world and what goodness I am putting back into it. I guess that has been a theme for me in my 31st year and I still don’t have any real concrete answers, but still I am working on it.