The Root of all Evil – ep 2

I am typing this why watching Richard Dawkins’ programme on C4, The Root Of All Evil.

I have a few issues with the premise of the programme, the first is that the programme is only addressing 3 religions; Christianity, Islam and Judaism. I feel that this is missing out the on important aspects of religions such as Buddism, Hindu and Sikh, and localised/personal faiths.

Saying that I am extremely scared about the people that Dawkins talks to. There is a level of religious fanatasism that defies logical reason as these people seems to accept blind faith, the worst thing I can imagine. I do feel that human faith must evolve as much as the human culture does and those people that dogmatically hold on to scriptures, allegedly, written up to 2000 years ago and hold them as a truth for the 21st centuary deeply disturb me.

Our realtionship with (faith in) our own ideas of deity evolve through our lives and this should be expressed across the organised religion. Change, evolution and debate in faith is not a thing to be back away from; Female Bishops and Islamic Nudity. However summing up from that second article

Much of the discussion is sadly reminiscent of the old Christian debate about the number of angels that can dance on a pinhead……