Crippling Compromises

A friend has just recently advised me that within most relationships, at some stage, both sides make some form of Crippling Compromise to maintain the stability of said realtionship, and further more he thought that, in essence, I wasn’t capable of “betraying” myself to make those…. so the chances of a lasting romance and partnership were limited…..

It has really got me thinking about what I would, and what I wouldn’t do, to get into or stay in a relationship. It is fair to say that my manifesto for life is reasonably defined, however I don’t think I have defined my ideas for a relationship.

Yeah okay, I think I need an equal. Don’t we all? I don’t want to be the decision maker, or the follower (and I get infuriated when I asks those questions and get “Oh I don’t know, what would you like to do?” or “why don’t you decide?”)

Is a Crippling Compromise an immovable, definate thing that will have at some stage? Is it not possible to find a person that enough ‘like’ you that the biggie (the crippling one) won’t come along? Should I not heed the advice give, and consider the “betraying” is better than the alternative, and is it really “betraying” myself?

Well maybe these things are like earthquakes, you know where abouts they usually happen and when you are not near those places you can let your guard down, but when you are you should have an inkling of an idea of how you would face.

…. once again this rambling on keyboard has not solved the issue, but raised more questions….. I have to stop this.


Final Destination 3

Final Destination 3

This film is perfect, for those of you wanting to disengage brain and have a few of those wierd laughs when silly teenagers die in exagerated and horrifying ways…….

I must admit that I saw FD1 at the movies (apparently only 6 years ago…. but feels a lot longer) and never even notice FD2 hit the movies. FD3 has the same story but this time on roller coaster insetad of a plane, a bit more gore and a little less on the handsome actor/actress scale…..

Lessons learned; sunbeds…. bad; nail guns…. worse; flying flag poles…. deadly!

But as I said, it was perfect for a Monday evening after it had been an exhausting weekend and rubbish Monday…. mind numbing…. ;oD


Over the last week I have had this waxing and wanning feeling of optimism, it started sometime a couple of weeks ago when I had a profound sense that things were changing and more and more light and energy was creeping back into the world….. guess I started to notice the lighter mornings and evenings (already!).

It then seemed to desert me mid last week, with more and more news that I appeared to be standing still in life when others moved on at great speed and got over and round me. I suppose the world news about stupid cartoons that insulted many nations made me see that the world is a far more fragile place where we seem to deliberately misunderstand each other. I am guessing that we want to upset and intimidate each other until all hope breaks down.

Now, today, I feel a spark of that optimism again. It is more than just mood swings, I can actually feel a degree of warmth inside me when last week I felt cold. This is something I have to figure out, hence this meaningless blog…… but it records it for me……

Memoirs of a Geisha

Memoirs of a Geisha.

This is a movie I thought I wasn’t that interested in seeing. I know a couple of people who have read the book and watched the movie and found the it to be far less genuine, where you care less about what happens to Sayuri.

I was wrong. It is a facinating insight to a lost culture. Sayuri, with her water filled eyes, lights up the screen as a beautiful child, sold in to the life of geisha only to lose it and then be rediscovered and discover her freedom with her life as geisha.

The incredible grace that is in this film, is supported by the darkness that punctuates the life of our geisha. Made me feel that as beautiful and graceful the geisha are, there is immense sacrifice and pain in their lives……



This is a great movie; brutally real and in a sense you feel rather lacking emtion on the surface. I will admit that I do not know much about the Munich games and what the real-life events were, but that section of the movie does pack a punch.

I was engrossed by the story, but not by the characters; you didnt get any real sense of why this mild mannered ‘part-time’ Mosad agent agree to take on this seemingly impossible and daunting mission. I guess that is the nature of spying, why do people do it, other than a love of their own country……

The one thing that does ‘worry’ me is that in 10, 20 or 50 years people will remember the movie, inspired by real events and not the real history….. much like Rose’s blue diamond on Cameron’s Titanic and Kevin Costners’ DA in JFK.