Over the last week I have had this waxing and wanning feeling of optimism, it started sometime a couple of weeks ago when I had a profound sense that things were changing and more and more light and energy was creeping back into the world….. guess I started to notice the lighter mornings and evenings (already!).

It then seemed to desert me mid last week, with more and more news that I appeared to be standing still in life when others moved on at great speed and got over and round me. I suppose the world news about stupid cartoons that insulted many nations made me see that the world is a far more fragile place where we seem to deliberately misunderstand each other. I am guessing that we want to upset and intimidate each other until all hope breaks down.

Now, today, I feel a spark of that optimism again. It is more than just mood swings, I can actually feel a degree of warmth inside me when last week I felt cold. This is something I have to figure out, hence this meaningless blog…… but it records it for me……