Crippling Compromises

A friend has just recently advised me that within most relationships, at some stage, both sides make some form of Crippling Compromise to maintain the stability of said realtionship, and further more he thought that, in essence, I wasn’t capable of “betraying” myself to make those…. so the chances of a lasting romance and partnership were limited…..

It has really got me thinking about what I would, and what I wouldn’t do, to get into or stay in a relationship. It is fair to say that my manifesto for life is reasonably defined, however I don’t think I have defined my ideas for a relationship.

Yeah okay, I think I need an equal. Don’t we all? I don’t want to be the decision maker, or the follower (and I get infuriated when I asks those questions and get “Oh I don’t know, what would you like to do?” or “why don’t you decide?”)

Is a Crippling Compromise an immovable, definate thing that will have at some stage? Is it not possible to find a person that enough ‘like’ you that the biggie (the crippling one) won’t come along? Should I not heed the advice give, and consider the “betraying” is better than the alternative, and is it really “betraying” myself?

Well maybe these things are like earthquakes, you know where abouts they usually happen and when you are not near those places you can let your guard down, but when you are you should have an inkling of an idea of how you would face.

…. once again this rambling on keyboard has not solved the issue, but raised more questions….. I have to stop this.