This one surprised me, for three reasons. Firstly, if it had not been for Falicity Huffman’s superb protrayal of Bree/Stanely and her Oscar nomination, a lot of people would never had heard of this movie – it is not mainstream at all, infact it is a side stream to the side stream that Brokeback would have been without Ang Lee and it’s stars.

Secondly it continues that ‘normal’ protrayal of life that I think most people (americans?) would not view as normal. [I say that as I view america swinging far more to the right these days.]

Thirdly it contains much more that the story of a pre-op transexual. I addresses many issues such as prostitution, drug addiction and denial of self in a careful but humourous way. Bree’s road trip with his [well he is pre-op] son is enlightening to me as how some people can deny all to themselves, yet still want to do some good (however misguided) to the people they are hiding from.

The disfunctional family is superb and describes that conservative america to me, that in a way I fear. However we do seem them won over, in a way, when it comes to the ultimate push and shove. It does well to show that the experience, education can make us accepting and understanding.

Good movie.

Energy…. it is all looking pretty dim

I have hugely growing concerns on the subject of energy; the type of stuff that keeps our lights on, homes warm and business in action, and how the UK seems to be getting more and more screwed up position.

Over the past 18 months all the major utility companies (gas and electric) have hiked up their prices, some up to an amazing 24%, on the back of what they claim are higher costs to import fuel from the continent as North Sea gas supplies dwindle.

However, across the general populace there seems to be little outcry at these hikes or the precarious situation that we appear to be in. Fuel poverty is talked about, but little seems to be done (other than being told… change supplier but watch out for the penalty charges!)

So have we all become rather apothetic to this issue facing us all? Have we all become more energy hungry without being more energy conscious? Do you have energy saving light bulbs? Do you swtich off your TV or leave it on stand-by? How thick is the insulation in your roof (and how thick should it be)?

I think we are being more and more dumb to this and many more issues. All we seem to care about is whether we can afford that car, the new house, those shoes and that holiday……

The debate