How much is the love of a wee car?

Spoke to Mini Master this morning, in short it is £5200 to get his bodywork back to new…….. YOAWACH!

Waiting on the formal quote arriving and then see what I wanna do…… I might have to go down there next weekend and speak to them and see the car!



Nasty Dairy Fat

I feel sick…. I don’t know when this actually started but I am guessing that it was something to do with a packet of Corn Flakes back in October 1997…… some how dairy fat give me the most horrific headaches… one of which I have got just now and this note is here to remind me : DO NOT EAT TOO MUCH DAIRY!

Guess it was the pizza on saturday, homemade veggie lasagne on sunday, the hot milk and honey last night and the vanilla latte from Starbucks today. grumble…..

Maybe I shouldnt be looking at a bright monitor….. but hey I am an awkward sod.

… what makes it worse is that iTunes is coming up with crap music and there is never anything on the TV on Monday nights…… monday nights suck!


What to do on a changeable Easter Sunday, than go to Kilmartin Glen. This is one of Scotland’s most prolific sites of neolithic activity.

Some photos are on my flickr with some background info on the pics. However I think in the fair scheme of things this place gets raw deal from the VisitScotland/tourism industry. So much so it has it’s main entry on Undiscovered Scotland! is the main site for the local museum and town, the site is a little ropey (don’t get me started on disorganised and sometimes bloody Hostile (Historic) Scotland – who make it exceedingly difficult!) but it is well worth a visit….