Beltane 2006

The Beltane Fire Society once again hosted their annaul celebrate of the coming of Summer on top of Carlton Hill in Edinburgh.

Being of ‘nature persuasion’ myself I enjoy the raucous celebration of the event, it is all about CELEBRATING the new life that is coming in through the warming and brightening of the year, and the Beltane Society do that in a great way.

The Earth Mother does her stuff.....

However, and there is always a however isn’t there, this was the busiest I have seen the event in the few years I have been going. Granted I have skipped the last 2 years for a more personal celebration and maybe that is because I thought it would be mobbed, being at a weekend rather than week day. I dont have an issue with it being busy, but put a bunch of Young Scots on a darkened hill in Edniburgh, without much control, and the ammount of alcohol consummed and dope smoked look tremendous! We even was someone doing lines of coke…..

This is what loses it for me; is it another damning sign of our bing culture? I must admit that it spoiled the night slightly for me. As good a celebration that the society put on, I don’t think I will be back.

Some will call me old stick in the mud and tell me that when Beltane was originally celebrated that they did take drugs, in some form, to assist in the raucousiness of the whole thing. Yeah that is fine, but I dount these people in the crowds were taking it for that purpose…..

My pics on flickr

…. and the Beltane group pics.