Fes-issue… the latest


Today was another trip to MiniMaster, with the intention of paying for the first 3rd of the Fes repair bill, needless to say that didnt happen…..

I got home to my folks (on the way to Mini Master) and my dad said that the quote was way to expensive…. He suggested that it would make more sense to go for a re-shell rather than a patch up.

So…. I hummed and I hawed, I know another Mini that was re-shelled at a cost of about £7k…. it is a bit more but it is all new. However then I learned that Mini Master basically take the car back to the shell and shot-blast it and fix it all up, so it is almost like a new shell.

So I left it with them again, having not decided anything but hopefully getting a quote to just get him through the MOT and then wait for the winter to do a project restoration on him.

I know that would make more financial sense… saving up more for him and financing less from the bank.

Ah… poor Fes.

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