An explosive weekend…… Karmicaly challenged

Some folk wouldn’t laugh at this, but hey……

Home from work on Friday night and on to the PC. One of the partitions was filling up with pictures and music so I thought I would move the pics to a seperate partition (good house keeping et al). Half way through the move there was a brief (and I mean brief a second at that) blue screen of death and then nothing…..

A re-boot appeared to get somewhere, at least a windows xp starting screen came up, but then it failed. So at that time I had hope….. My friend Rob offered help the next day so I went to bed with a book….. hey ho, if windows boots partially it can’t be all that bad.

Up on Saturday morning, feeling fine and looking forward to a day wrestling with the beast that is a PC. Washing machine on, I jump in to the shower….. 15 mins later: what is that smell?, a vague burning smell….

this is where we digress to a bit of history. I am nervous about electricity and water, I was once in the shower when the electric unit shorted out, sending ‘blots’ of electricity all around me, blowing the house circuit and turning the water soot black! Now as I was standing in a pool of water I consider myself lucky…..

…. so the first thing I do is jump out of the shower…. all that rubbish about lightening twice…. but I was wrong, it was coming from the hall…. no not the hall, the kitchen.

I open the kitchen door to a horrid grinding sound and smoke coming from the washing machine!

Power off!

hmmmm… dressed and pulling the washing machine out. Lid off and it was all VERY hot under there and the motor looked blackened and exteremely dodgy!

That is when I started to laugh and wonder what I had done to build up some major negative karma that came and kicked me in the ass!

It turns out that the hard disk on the PC had really crunch and gone very wrong, the “windows” that was attempting to boot was an old and dodgy copy on another HD….

Come this evening though, I have a new HD and a new windows XP installation running very sweetly and have just ordered a new washing machine……

As for karma….. I promise I am going to be good! ;o)


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