Fes-issue… the latest: He is back

Well it took some time, some hard decisions and getting talked to like a 12 year old by my parents, but Fes’ steering wheel is back in my hands and he has passed the MOT with a ‘few’ hundred pounds worth of work.

In the end the patch up (take the bodyshell off, fix it up, shot blast it, paint it properly [expensive paint!!!!!] and then rust proof) was going to a minimum of 5.5k and I would be better going for a complete re-shell (circa 6k).

So Fes is back in Glasgow, just in time for the Thistle Run tomorrow, and has been fixed up (fes’d up) enough to pass his MOT: boot floor fixed, sill done, new Yokos on…..

So here is looking forward to TR 2006…. The first TR and that Fes and I will actually get to drive!