Autumn daze……

It is really strange to see that we are careering to mid-September whilst I am still adjusting to the “lost” summer. Autumn is my favourite season and, in part, I feel as if it has snuck up on me and I am not ready to enjoy it.

Life has got a somewhat more normal and stable way about it, thoughts are still there, but work and friendships are becoming easier and I am once again getting used to being alone at home after having so many people around for such a time. I am still meeting people whom I have not seen since Tony’s death and I am finding easier to talk about it with them, but at the same time I don’t think I need to talk to them about it. It is just the answer to the question “How you doing?”.

Fun things are began to happen as well… there was a large family gathering for my Mum’s birthday, four sisters all in one place and I only lost the rag once… which is good going!

Then last weekend I was down in Brighton helping Rob get back in touch with his slightly impulsive side and his classic Mini lifestyle…. it is good to see him grin with that glint in his eye as he drives Alfie….

Then a really nice BBQ with J&K, probably the last of the season, but an almost perfect Sunny September Sunday evening out…..

Gracie has got her Dog, at last. In some ways is odd but overall is really good, as he is kinda mongrel thing, a wee stray but quite cute and I think she deserves some real happy times.

It is as if the “stun-gun” effect is starting to wear off and everyone is starting to wake up to a new Autumn…..

I am hoping that this activity around me starts to shake off the strange ‘dusty gap’ feeling that I have about myself. By that I suppose I mean that I don’t feel the hazy-daze wearing off that fast, but I hope it is. I just have to concentrate more.


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