The last wedding…..

This weekend has been interesting, it was the wedding of my cousin, and probably, the last family wedding on my dad’s side that I will be invited to. So, ironically enough, it would be the occasion there I feel I got on with them the best in a long while.

The family are nice and good people. We have just had an incredible gulf between us for some 16 years and it is not a thing that can be healed by a night of celebrations. It was be masked over, but in essence I don’t know them and they don’t know me.

I would like to think that I can change that and get to know them, but with my current feelings on family at the moment I guess I feel that I am always making the effort and the telephone calls. So I am pretty negative to the whole idea of putting my own energy into it all when there maybe little impetus to provide energy from the other side.

I may be wrong, but lets just say I am jaded.

The wedding was good…. and it was good to see the family.

The Queen

The Queen

This is a strange movie to me, I don’t know if I have ever watched a movie about an event that I remember clearly, like the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.

Because of this, to me, it really felt as if you were actually watching known actions and discussions, and I found that in that aspect it was totally immersing and absorbing. Helen Mirren, as the Queen, is ultimately believable and watchable and portrays Elizabeth the Second as woman who has her own issues that are never truly explored, merely hinted at.

However the matter and materials are a bit thin, only a few people know what was going on in the Royal House at that time and they are not for talking. Which this movie a stab in the dark.

Some people didnt come off that well in the movie, Cherie Blair for one. She was played to be odious and somewhat rude and bitter. Now maybe she is, i dont know but the protrayal will do nothing to boost her flagging popularity with the general british people. Tony on the other hand came off well…… Is this just big screen media spin for 2006?

If anything the Charles character was probably under presented, and when he was he was a bit of an appeaser to Mr Blair, wanting to be seen by the public as a peoples man and not very principled. From what you see about Charles in the press, i never got that impression and I also wonder where they got the bit about his fear about being shot…… (the motorcycle at Balmoral was just a crap bit)

Overall I found it very watchable and would recommend this one. It is not heavy or purposful. Nor does have any thrills or revelations about Diana, or the Royal family for that matter, but it sheds a light on what could have been happening in Balmoral and in the Queen’s thoughts for those few silent days in August…… her drivers (it even touches on the history of a girl who became Queen of a country not long out of a devistating war and was, as the typical britsih family was at that time, pretty emotionless on the surface) and the circumstances (Diana had not endeared herself in her last final years and seemed to revel in causing some kind of pain to the “establishment”)……. and if nothing else it pokes some fun at the Duke of Edinburgh for being a silly old fart and the Queen Mother as being a bit of doddery lush……