The last wedding…..

This weekend has been interesting, it was the wedding of my cousin, and probably, the last family wedding on my dad’s side that I will be invited to. So, ironically enough, it would be the occasion there I feel I got on with them the best in a long while.

The family are nice and good people. We have just had an incredible gulf between us for some 16 years and it is not a thing that can be healed by a night of celebrations. It was be masked over, but in essence I don’t know them and they don’t know me.

I would like to think that I can change that and get to know them, but with my current feelings on family at the moment I guess I feel that I am always making the effort and the telephone calls. So I am pretty negative to the whole idea of putting my own energy into it all when there maybe little impetus to provide energy from the other side.

I may be wrong, but lets just say I am jaded.

The wedding was good…. and it was good to see the family.