The State – Why it should be Secluar

I think the raving madness of two Catholic bishops demonstrates why State and Church should be well segregated, with as many safe guards as required.

Cardinal Keith O’Brien has said that catholic MPs who support abortion should consider their stance on receiving communion. How ludicrous is this? Is he proposing to ask everyone who approaches on any given Sunday for communion the same question? If not, why not?

Saying that he is not alone and not the first:
Welsh prelate joins abortion row

MPs, MSPs and AMs have all been elected (more or less) on a non-religious basis. Mostly they are elected for their political affiliations and the policies that they stand for. I would imagine that there would a huge outcry if religious affiliations were brought up at a political hustings.

So what right does a Catholic Cardinal to meddle in the political arena? Gone are the days when we should ‘the lords spiritual’ affecting legislation and policy of this country. When you look at the relevance in most peoples lives I think you will find very little. Maybe weddings, christenings and funeral, but not in the dominating pulpit preaching that the Cardinal seems to prefer.

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