Annoyed on a Tuesday

Two weeks ago I was excited(!), I had went into Borders bookstore in Glasgow, had a chat with the really nice friendly folk at the University of Glasgow’s Department of Adult and Continuing Education (DACE) and got an application form to go and study Ancient Egyptian Text. It was a Tuesday afternoon and I even agreed an arrangement with my work to take 3 hours off on Tuesday afternoons and work back the time through our flexi system (starting at 8:30 and working ’til 18:00).

For those that know me they will know that I must have been keen to do this to agree to early starts!

Well I posted off the app form (after phoning to make sure there was still time to post it) and then I thought I was sorted. I did get a little concerned mid-last week that I had not heard anything and called the Uni on Friday.

My first annoyance was that the whole university closes for a long weekend at the end of September; “no-one available to take your call”(!) I think that is ludicrous for a university department who had courses starting on the Tuesday not to open again until that Tuesday.

So I called this morning; “Sorry we don’t have your application and the course is full.” WHAT!. “Sorry it must be lost in the post.” HUH? “Yes, and that course is now full.”

So….. in my annoyed (I am not swearing on this but you might imagine that I am!) I have had to phone the credit card company, someone may have lifted the app form and my card details with it…..

So….. I don’t get to go until next year now, if they offer that course next year. Annoyed? #@!?!@”~###?#@!!!!