The Kitchen Basher

People pay for therapy, in-fact they can play a lot sometimes. So I figure I owe my friend Judith a whack of cash for the therapy I got yesterday.

 Judith has just bought a new property and it was, to say kindly, a bit run down. The fixtures and fittings had seen better days, in the 70s when they were fitted! So it was a few hands to a few pumps yesterday to lift carpets, explore basements and, the therapy of the day, remove the kitchen.

I focus on the kitchen as it was all accomplished with the use of hammers only, and after the last week in the office it was the perfect stress relief! The ‘breakfast bar’ didn’t put up much of a challenge and the real fun began with the shelves. One almighty whack of a shelf resulted in a single tile falling off the wall, landing on the work surface completely intact. Further investigation proved the theory that the only reason the tiles had stayed up was the fact that they were all fitted tightly together. Not the fact that they were stuck to the wall, as they weren’t!

A hammer blow to the tiled wall and there started a cascade of tile collapse. Very shortly later Judith got another hammer (I looked as if i was having to much fun) and in one swift running move took the tiles of the splash-back off. Needless to say all the frustrations of life came pouring out upon the poor tiles and J and I hammered and bash our way to contentedness.

It was bliss. I can say no more.

I wish J all the successes in the renovation of her wee place (beams and joists this week :o/ ) and below is the gang later attacking the fireplace.

Ah those comedy moments


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