There is probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.

Now, personally I do believe in something, but I adore the way this gets some Christians knickers in a twist.

The Atheist Bus Campaign; 800 buses feature the slogan: “There is probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.

“The evidential basis for God is the same as for believing there are fairies at the bottom of the garden, and if you don’t believe the latter, you shouldn’t believe the former,”
A C Grayling defending said campaign.

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  2. Christian challenges atheist bus advert.

Giving it up for New Year….

….. jeepers what is wrong with the above, in short everything! New Year and the holiday are one of the most frantic times we have in our calendar and, rightly so, we use some vices to help us get through it. Now that may be chocolate, booze, ciggies, sex or anything that helps you chill a bit…. but then we get to January first and bang, the guilt (or the scales) hit home and to go cold turkey.

January…. one of the bleakest darkest times of the year, nothing to look forward to except February (officially the direst month of the year, and the pay packet. So we decide to torture ourselves by giving up something that has probably been a major crutch in our lives, or worse still we start doing something that goes against our very grain of life in this dark month (anyone gone back to the gym in the last 7 days after an absence of many months?).

Yeah okay, we need to make changes in our lives; we are all getting fat, clogging up our arteries with fatty proccessed foods, doing the 1 mile school run in our SUVs and leaving the TV on standby every night. But for the love of goodness it is JANUARY! You don’t want to be heading to gym after work at 6:30 in the pitch black icy cold weather. Or giving up the wine or the ciggies when there is no where else to go or do that doesn’t involve a restaurant, bar or movie, and for goodness’ sake the kids don’t want to walk to school  (and you sure as anything don’t want to have to walk with them!).

Giving stuff up is good for us, we are going to have to give a lot as the credit crunch bites and the sea levels rise. Buying that new car every three years or picking up that handy plastic bag in the supermarket are all things we are going to have to change as much as eating a bit more healthy and getting more active. 

However, you have to give something up, or take something up, because you want to. Not because the year has click up one.  Look at life, realise what is good and what is not so good, diagnose it first and work out why you do it, then do something about it. 

For me, I will give nothing up on any January 1st; I may give something up in March, June or September but never in January….. and don’t get me started on Lent!

Anatomy of a winter holibag….

The winter holibag of 2008  has been one of the most relaxing winter holibags I have had in years. For once I wasn’t on the sofa with the duvet and a stinking cold and was able to enjoy the time off, even making a nice dinner and having my champagne on xmas day with little or no fuss!

The one shocking part of the time off though, was my complete laziness, in fact I must admit that (if I believed and cared) I firm adopted 2 of the seven deadly sins during the holidays; sloth and gluttony, to the extent that I have put on about 3/4  of a stone since the start of December.

I was also very much a recluse over the holiday, I ventured out on day to see the family and give the gifts, had some friends over for Hogmanay (which I still think is a bigger social and community event than xmas in Scotland), for drinks, laughs, Mario Cart and Wii Sports, and out of the house on New Year’s Day to a friends house for dinner.

This all may not sound very much like a social holiday that people expect it to be, but then I always think people expect too much from the winter holiday and are often disappointed and slightly aggrieved when it is over and they have spent a lot of time (and sometimes money) doing stuff and being places that they have not ultimately wanted to be……

I am not advocating selfishness, just a little care and consideration for yourself. How often do you get almost 2 weeks off without dashing off to the sunshine in some forgien climate? I do advocate fitting in some ‘down time’ in the winter holiday…. it works.