Acclimatisation complete

After two days getting over the travel we are off to Auckland for the next stage of the adventure; campervaning from north to south.

Jetstar is the EasyJet of the antipodean world; resplendent in orange, crew in t-shirts and displaying the proud initiation of a Movember.

We have also found out that an “upgrade” in the campervan world is not always the greatest thing. At one stage we had gone from a cosy two berth to a behemoth of a six berth, but escaped in an auto of a four. I say escaped, post interior lighting work and a somewhat scodey Countdown for some essential supplies (beer).

So the trusty Lumia, sans data connection, got us out of Auckland and on Highway One to Huntly (not a patch on the highland original, in fact not even in the same league, scodey is the word of the holiday and Huntly was it).

So despite @maccagraeme confusing Lumia by turning into Huntly more than any normal person may want to, we beat a path to Hamilton.

Warm and sunny

Day two, well really three but i did crash out for 14 hours after the flight….
Yesterday was a trip into Christchurch centre, it is a real mixture of empty buildings waiting to come down post earthquake and recovery, with lots of new buildings and rather cool temp shops made out of cargo containers.

A trip to the beach followed and the Pacific from the other side (last time was the American west coast). Lots of surfers and beautiful sand.

Today, up the hills, with some real crazies cycling up some really step winding mountain roads and then further nutters running up…. But the views from the top are pretty beautiful.