Acclimatisation complete

After two days getting over the travel we are off to Auckland for the next stage of the adventure; campervaning from north to south.

Jetstar is the EasyJet of the antipodean world; resplendent in orange, crew in t-shirts and displaying the proud initiation of a Movember.

We have also found out that an “upgrade” in the campervan world is not always the greatest thing. At one stage we had gone from a cosy two berth to a behemoth of a six berth, but escaped in an auto of a four. I say escaped, post interior lighting work and a somewhat scodey Countdown for some essential supplies (beer).

So the trusty Lumia, sans data connection, got us out of Auckland and on Highway One to Huntly (not a patch on the highland original, in fact not even in the same league, scodey is the word of the holiday and Huntly was it).

So despite @maccagraeme confusing Lumia by turning into Huntly more than any normal person may want to, we beat a path to Hamilton.

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