Hamilton & Cambridge

In the UK these two places are worlds apart, but in NZ they are 30mins down the SH1 from each other.

I think NZ towns and cities follow an American model of having a core CBD (Central Business District after much decoding), surrounded by either burbs (low sprawling bungalow types), “industrials” (the home depot, car sales or anonymous offices) or lines of motels all looking a bit Batesy.

Break through and Hamilton had a nice wee centre, though @maccagraeme did park right outside the town adult knocking shop….. He does have a sixth sense for the “pleasurable items”, or so he tells me. Saying that we were also next to Katmandu, for the urgent swim short purchase for our Wednesday adventure.

The lovely wee lady in the i-site, some fancy name for tourist information, helped book us up for tomorrow and Wednesdays.

Post lunch it was a trip down to Cambridge to a van site for the evening. Cambridge is nice, if closed, but a pizza and two beers later we are away to our van, ready for our trip into Middle Earth tomorrow…….