Bubbling mud pit Batboy!

On my post Hobbiton come down we ventured into the caldera that is Lake Rotorua. Rotorua is the pleasant little lakeside city that has one added attraction; sulphurous clouds of eggy gas wafting over the downtown area and lakeside.

So after picking @maccagraeme up from a bout of dizzy nausea after a particularly tasty cloud wafted over him, we had a meander along the a fantastically impressive geothermal lakeside. Bubbling mud pits, boiling pools of water and sulphuric vents that make the water cloudy and very like milk.

It is a spa town, made famous by Mdm Rachael and a Priest, read in to that what you like 😉, but I do think that the potential for either getting stained coffee brown from mud pit bathing or poached in a boiling pool, both after passing out from sulphurous gases is a mugs game. Give me a good old jacuzzi any day, playing with geothermals on the Ring of Fire in an notorious earthquake zone…. Dodgy.

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