Holy Glowworms Batboy

Campervaning before the season really starts is an odd experience; NZ is still preparing for the influx of Christmastide holiday makers that will stretch through their glorious summer. Sometimes that means your visit to a local i-site may be thwarted by a line if emergency police tape surrounding the building in a rather alarming fashion, until you realise it is to keep the random tourist out while the spring clean goes on!

Undaunted the lovely woman in the pharmacy (springtime means hay fever for @maccagraeme 🎢) gave us a nice welcome and told us the south island is better!

We skipped the Rose Garden (thank you Portland, OR for that valuable lesson) and struck on for the Waitomo Caves.

Oh my goodness; AWESOMENESS. An abseil down into some deep cave, wading through rapids in a wetsuit, marvelling at spectacular glowworm caves, riding said rapids in a big rubber ring, clambering through nooks and crannies. I could go on and on about how amazing the 5 hour underground extravaganza was, but then then the near sheer rock climb out almost killed me and this evening, back in sulphurous Rotorua, i am heading for bed.

Ridiculously bad pics by the guide (Molly, who was great but can’t make me look good in a photo) to follow, but here is the last photo of the day.

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Kiwi Caving

Kiwi Caving on Faceache

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