A bit of geothermal R&R

Yesterday was a bit of a knackering day, as you can see above, so today we have done a bit of volcanic geothermal action.

The geothermal park was like bring on an alien world, i have never seen anything like it. Steaming pools with amazing colours, gaseous vents pumping out eggy smells, bubbling boiling mud and geysers!

The Champagne Pool was a vast expanse greeny blue steamy water with a beautiful red crust of earth. Getting caught in the steam makes you think you are on another, more hostile atmosphere.

The geyser was impressive, if induced, but it was a bit of a rammy. The Europeans got grumpy with the Japanese, the Kiwi kids were excited and the Brazilians were hot.

This afternoon were are settled in Tapou, it is roasty toasty and the rest of the day is relaxation and icecream.