Drive me to the clouds, let me play amongst

….. the hairpins.🎶 If i thought yesterday was a road that put any Scotland had to shame, today’s trip on the SH2 from Napier to Wellington would put most alpine roads to shame. We drove Morag the Campervan from sea level to the clouds, dodging BMW drivers (yup appears they are the same the world over) and massive trucks that had to take blind cliff edge corners on the wrong side of the road. To say i need a shoulder massage after that is an understatement.

Anyho, the day started of gorgeous, breakfast us above, with no apologies for the food porn photo.

A further exploration of Napier yielded the National Aquarium, complete with travellator tubes to see all the fishes.

@maccagraeme managed to swipe a splodge of Manuka skin cream for his pealing head and we were off down the SH2. It was 340 km down to Wellington and again, including the mountain pass, stunning scenery.

Tomorrow is our Wellington day and then the 8pm ferry south. Thus endth the Tales of The North. Morag has done over 1200km with us and i think post Monday she will be due fir a break out to pasture.

Saying all this there has been ferry chaos due to a broken propeller shaft, so we are lucky to be getting across at all, am sure tomorrows entry will be full of details.