Sorry playing a bit of catch up, Sunday was our Wellington day. With the Cook Straight ferry chaos we managed to get booked on the 8pm, so had a day to fill.

It started off the breakfast of kings, even better than Napier’s effort; scrambled egg on sourdough bread followed by a three pancake stack with maple syrup. @maccagraeme indulged with the full fry up and to say that we were stuffed was an understatement.

The grand plan for the day had been to head out to the Weta Cave and explore. We had really wanted to do the Window on the Workshop tour, a behind the scenes tour of Weta, but it was fully booked until mid next week….. undaunted, I found another way in…. to go on the Lord of the Rings movie tour… a bus trip around filming sites near Wellington.

So the morning was spent in Te Papa, the national museum which, due it being a Sunday, was rammed with kids and was hosting the Thai festival. It was a bit of a quick tour, but the early warning signs of a grumpy @maccagraeme were there and I failed to notice.

So come 2pm we boarded the bus for the movie tour, there were about 14 of us and some were a little excited (even more than me!). The main part of the tour was to the woods where the initial scenes of the Fellowship was filmed. The tree Frodo sat in while Sam cooked breakfast, the hill the hobbits fell down with Merry and Pippin (a shortcut to mushrooms) and the escape to bucklebridge ferry.

From the first step off the bus #mcgrumpygraeme was present and correct; tired, uncooperative and huffy. There was no way of getting him up a tree or in a pile on of hobbits or as the horse’ ass, but i smiled through and snapped on though. Eventually we got #mcgrumpygraeme back on the bus and off to Weta.

A bit WOW at Weta. The Weta Cave is somewhere I could spend a fortune….. as it is I spent some 😉. The Window on to the Workshop was very impressive. Seeing the design and manufacture process of all of Weta’s various films and some that are in progress.

Weta brought the happiness back out in @maccagraeme, though he did appreciate that he been a grumpy sod and posted his “selfie“.

From Weta it was a dash back to Morag, who had developed a slow puncture and needed some gas and air in the morning, to get on the ferry. It was a shame it was a night time crossing as we really only got a view of leaving Wellington harbour before the darkness consumed the Cook Straights. Picton at night was nothing to write home about, but the nice campsite people had left a wee cone out to mark our spot.

The Monday drive down the south island had some stunning views and Kaikorura was a lovely lunch spot with a great beach and roaring sea.

Morag has been dropped off and now, Tuesday, we are chilling in Christchurch before heading further south tomorrow; flying to Dunedin and then driving up to Queenstown and Christchurch.