1. They have bagpipe buskers;
  2. They put HAM in their muffins;
  3. The place closes down at 9pm; and
  4. The Cadbury chocolate factory is AWESOME.
So we have made it to Dunedin, flew down from Christchurch yesterday and picked up Jeri the Juicy motor. Dunedin is really nice, it is like a little chunk of Scotland on the southern tip of NZ. The city is modelled on Edinburgh (if you couldn’t guess), complete with Princes Street et al, they love the Scottish accent but the local beer is a bit tasteless.
Our afternoon in the sun was complete with bagpipe buskers in the “Octagon” (the city centre or CBD), where we watched the All Whites drummed out of the World Cup by Mexico. However, unlike it’s northern equivalent, the day was warm and sunny…. Dunedin was roasty toasty.
Today Dunedin lived up to the northern, misty and damp, reputation. That did not dampen my excitement, it was Cadbury factory day and OMG was it fantastic. Apart from having to wear a hair and beard(!) snood, there was a goodie bag that slowly grew fatter with the free chocolate. Antipodean Cadburys is slightly different, they make Jaffas, but they are spherical orange Smarties, but they also make Pebbles which ARE Smarties!!
The smell of molten chocolate the minute you enter that factory is awesome and seeing them make buttons, roses and (their version of) jaffas, just made me hungrier and hungrier. They then handily drop you off in the discounted shop…… nom nom nom….. there goes $20.
As the Scottish drizzle progressed we meandered to the Otago Museum; somewhere where the stuffed animals kept M&S back away for @maccagraeme and I even got to see the Egyptology section!! It was all going great guns until the coffee shop; they put HAM in their scone. HAM in a scone. The one thing that I thought a veggie down south was safe with….. well it turns out the further south you go in NZ the less veggie friendly they are. The saving grace was the lush veggie/vegan cafe that was brunch venue today, even @maccagraeme liked the falafel burger.
The reminder of the avo was spent climbing the world’s steepest street, and bloody knackering it was.
Dunedin, thumbs up, Scotland Shop et all. Tomorrow is Queenstown!
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A shade of Gilmour Hill??