Party on…..

…… in Queenstown! I think it is fair to say that Queenstown is the youthful party town of NZ. It is what a place like Aviemore should be; skiing in the winter and adventure sports and sightseeing in the summer. It also appears to the place that European packbackers repository, if you are travelling the world then you will end up in Queenstown to recoup some costs and have a bit of an adventure.

Arriving from Dunedin we must have curried some kind of favour from the Sun Gods as, from a rather drab Dunedin we arrived in a high 20s Queenstown nestled on beautiful Lake Wakatipu. It does feel like a youthful town and from our experience it is full to the brim with adrenaline fuelled activities that, with all that I have said to now, are being undertaken from the teens to the septuagenarians (who said the youth have to be young?).

Our afternoon was leisurely by the Lake, enjoying the warmth, taking in the sights and (I) had to recovery from the drive. It is a chilled city with some awesome scenery. We dined posh, had a nice wine (after driving through some nice looking vineyard and orchard country to get there) and had a few beers in preparation for the almighty climb back up the mountain to the motel that @maccagraeme had booked.

Saturday was to prove that we were not on top of a mountain, we had to get a cable car to the top of the mountain, and that even on the top of a mountain it gets roastie tastier while you luge. Ok, so there was a deal on; gondola and 7 luge runs, wow so much fun, including almost flipping on the corners, beating and getting beaten by @maccagraeme; superb. There were grins firmly affixed to faces for a wee while after.

We WALKED down the mountain, safe to say it buggered my knees, but dropped us off in town ready to visit the iSite. OMG we have a helicopter tour booked!!!

Queenstown brings home some of the best aspects that I have come to like about NZ; it is a place where ages mix, yeah it is a high young population, but everyone seems to fit in; there is outside drinking allowed until 10pm, and people do, but they also clear out by 10pm and clear up after themselves, there are no piles of rubbish in the park or on the beach; there are free, uncontrolled gas BBQs that are used and cleaned but everyone.

Saying all that I can imagine there are some issues, Queenstown also appears to be the NZ and Oz stag town; it has the bars, restaurants, outdoor events etc. everything that makes a good stag (?)

Post observing frizzbe golf observing (another great thing that we should import) we had the best ice cream ever and watched the tandem paragliding. The place is simply great for a holiday.