so things are changing

It is fair to say that I never got to finish the holiday blogging; I wanted to tell about all the things I like about NZ and the comparisons that I could draw with life in the UK, I wanted to tell about a rather disastrous stop over in London and the absolute horror that is British Airways customer service, however when we were in Singapore I got a phone call that has but me and @maccagraeme in something of a spin.

So back in May 2013 I applied for a new job, down in Yorkshire with the plan to relocate and set up home in York. After some long delays in July I was told that the job was on hold due to a merge and restructure and by that time we had agreed on NZ so I thought it was a bit pointless looking for a job and then asking for a month off! In October I got a call from the Company; “Was I still interested and would I like to attend an interview?”. OK, yeah I went down and it was one of the oddest interviews of my life. It appeared that there was a mix up of who was interviewing whom and generally I got the feeling it wasn’t planned out very well. Still I thought it was a good chat with guy I could work for.

Then it went quiet again, for almost 2 months before the call at Changi Airport; would I be free for a second interview. Yes, but it will have to wait a week or so while k get home and sort stuff out.

So home I got, back into the frantic world of catching up at work, listening to the stories of issues and incidents, cover ups and near misses. Then I get the call; “Can you do a telephone interview?”. OH, to me that didn’t sound great, to me that sounded like they had someone and just wanted to finish a process of me as the ‘near miss’. Perhaps the ‘heir and the spare’ thing?

So second week of December I call in for a hour of telephone competency-based questioning. It went ok, when you cannot see their faces you have no real idea of what is going on.

As you might have guessed from this whole post, a week later I get the offer and went for it. It hasn’t been plain sailing form there; Xmas holidays delayed a formal offer and I the end I resigned on the 6th January.

So here I am, start of February with an impending change to everything. I have lived in Glasgow for 21 years, in my flat for almost 19 of those years. My entire life is up here in Glasgow and frankly I am so looking forward to jacking it all in to live with @maccagraeme, but it terrifies me.

So the next few months worth of blogs are going to be dominated by this event; The Move. I predict moments of utter joy, terrifying apprehensions, heart breaking goodbyes and lots of decorating.

Hold on… I know I will be!