This Way Up


Just to prove that I am not just procrastinating about this whole new job, new city, new cat thing, and to prove that I am doing something, today I took receipt of enough packing boxes to shift a 2 to 3 bedroom house!

For those that know I live in a one bedroom flat, well you will also know the amount of utter hording I have completed in by 19 years in this place and will therefore know that I need to shift the equivalent of a 3 bedroom house.

With all that said I am drafting in a couple of very carefully selected friends to help with this task; Firstly we have “My Gracie”, she is efficient, streamlined and will get me in order; secondly there is “The Artist”, she understands attachment to ‘things and stuff’ better than anyone I know. These to wonderful women are going to make sure I don’t take all my crap (get ready Oxfam!) but ensure that I do take all the things that mean something. I know that if left to my own devices, like the pharaohs of old did in their tombs, I would crap every piece of everything in.

Today however I have been brave, I thought I better pack a few boxes on my own to get over the feeling of it all. It is odd seeing empty shelves…..

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