What is it for.

Social media that is……

We all have different ideas; for some it is all about our lives, sharing top bits of information, the odd photo and the even odder argument with the spouse or someone; for others it is about keeping up with our groups, clubs and cultural interests. Others see it as a new form of procrastination and the growing of electronic vegetables, and there are loads more ideas of what it might be for, but most of us use it in all kinds of different ways. Snippets, photos, games, groups, causes, catastrophes.

As someone who has recently left a good number of friends and family a good 4 hours drive away (miles huh?) and was never good on the phone call side of things I tend to use it for the odd bits of snippet info or photos. Yup there is sometimes a share, but only of something that is of interest to me that some friends may find of interest. It is where I do my best to keep those I now don’t get to see every day/week/month a bit of insight as to my new experience, and where I can find out how they, their kids/dog/dug/cat etc are doing.

What I struggle with is when friends or family activity complain they do not know how they are going to stay in touch and then start to remove me from friends/follow lists. I have either moved to a foreign country and become the enemy (Scotland to England, so in the current independence debate climate that may be the case in their fevered imaginations), or it may be because I am no long at the drop of a hat available that I am gone and forgotten.

Either way, it smarts a bit. From close friend to an unfollow in 5 months. How do you take that?

*honest I don’t post drivel!

I am glad it has never been that bad

Monday has started with a horrible incident, my morning train has hit someone.

I can see the team currently waiting to collect the person and I just eternally grateful, again, that life had not ever got so hard or confusing for me.

The reaction of shock and sadness on the train’s team has caused a stillness on the train. They are carrying on, giving out the free tea and coffee but as they pass by you can tell from their eyes they are in a degree of shock.

I can’t help but think the person has people out there who are continuing on with a Monday morning but are going to have it shattered by a knock at the door.

It is a horrible experience.

I would love to think that we can all track the people we love and tell them out will never be that bad, but know in some instances that we cannot.