Let The River Run

I am not musically minded; current music trends almost always elude me and defeat me, but music does play a big part of my life. Whether it is my ‘gym’ playlist to keep me running those KMs on the treadmill or the USB stick filled with everything from Valkyrie Missile to the Rent sound track that I sing along to in the car (much to the despair of my better half) to shorten the journey.

I tend to always find myself listing to tracks at various crucial times in in life and they make a lasting memory, sometimes sad but usually happy. I can still revisit the imagined landscape of The Diamond Throne through listing to Billy Joel’s Stormfront from when I was 14; that trip across the Dukes Pass one hot August day in a Mini listening to Israel Kamakawiwoʻole’s famous Somewhere/Wonder medeley on repeat knowing that the song of that summer.

Over the last couple of days two tracks seem to have resonated really close to my heart; Let the River Run, by Carly Simon and We Are The Night by Steve Grand. These two tracks have somehow linked into my feelings about the events of the last couple of days in Orlando. I guess that both are a bit obvious (ready anthem-ie), but then sometimes I am a bit obvious (and occasionally anthem-ie).

Acceptance, openness and honest have been on my mind over the last wee while as I plan my wedding to my better half. 5 years ago this would have been unimaginable, mainly due to the law, but rewind 10 or 15 years ago and it would have been socially difficult as well. Not only has the UK overcome the legal issues around letting gay people cement their relationships in a personal, social and legal sense, but it has overcome a hostility that saw legislation banning the discussion of homosexuality in schools which lead to many troubled and lost teens abused by peers and society.

There are still cultural issues in the UK, some areas of faith or society still think it is a sin; morally or culturally wrong, but these are seen as more fringe day by day and the solidarity that has been demonstrated in Orlando, the UK and all over the world in the the last day has been, personally, very inspiring and spirit-lifting.

We cannot let those who would wish to limit us; those that would exclude us for any reason: race, creed, sexuality or any other; those that would put up barriers and stop our understanding of each other. We must address and defeat them at all possible turns, through constructive, creative and welcoming ways.

We are all the dreamers, dreamers of a bigger and better world of inclusion and hope. We are all together standing on that trail of desire, hoping the light of that bright star will bring truth and honesty. We are all sons and daughters.


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