I am lucky 🍀

Loyalty and cooking, are these the things to base a long term relationship on? I would say no.
Whether you are straight or gay (dominant or passive (straight or gay!!)) I think that you need the “zap’n’zip” off a spark top make things interesting and sustainable.
Genuine likeness, a shared something is going to make a relationship last. The thing i am almost sure about is that loyalty and cooking are not anywhere near that shared something.
I love making a mess in the kitchen, I love it even more when the other half is there with me querying what I am putting that in and making sure I am not burning this or that; salt or my lack of using it is often a discussion.
I think is it a form of loyalty that he lets me create chaos in his tidy kitchen at the weekend.
However they are definite the things I love about him. His flares (gratefully not his trousers). His interests. His sparkles and daydreams. His voice and his attention. These are some of the things.
However it is fair to say that his loyalty to us or his skill in the kitchen have never really featured. If he couldn’t cook Quorn he would have got a cook book for his birthday!
Oh and I guess loyalty is assumed through our complex bond that is everything from breakfast to morning; his cooking skills are neither here nor there.
So why do we describe our selves on such mundane words and voices when we type out our descriptions?
Where is that expressive voice that day I have a passion about? I have a desire to go and see? I want to achieve?
I believe that the way to a partnership (marriage or whatever) is not that you bring great cooking skills, but that you want to create meals together. That you are interested in things, but not necessarily the same things. That you both have passion in your lives and can express it in your union.
Don’t get smothered; but true to you and your other.
It is not hook, line and blind sinker that wins through, but rather interest, collaboration and independence. Don’t be stuck to closed adjectives….. Be open and describe yourself!

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