Freeze frame, pause, rewind, stop…

Freeze frame, pause, rewind, stopil_570xN.43700626
And get back to the old familiar thoughts;
Can we just freeze, frame, pause, rewind, stop;
And get back to the feelings we think we’ve lost;
For now….

For Now
Beautiful Trauma

I guess this is this one about thoughts on age, mortality and, though not regret, a feeling of different chances in today’s world.

There has been a recent increase in the visibility and, dare i say it, quality of gay themed media; from the amazing successes of God’s Own Country, Call Me By Your Name and Love Simon in the cinema, to a now plethora of Audible books, to new authors getting published on the basis of their own gay-themed tales; Justin Meyers with his Romeo, to music artists who have only ever “sung gay” and not switched it when they had a stable career and back catalogue.

It is not a new thing, we have had Tales of the City, Milk and other ground breaking and cult niches, Elton John has always been ever (even with Kiki Dee), but I don’t think it is something to miss that Hollywood, publishers and, in some kickstarter instances, everyone around us are putting money behind some of these movies, books and artists; the movie, music, publishing industries are money driven, they set out to make back multiples of what they spend on movies. Suddenly non-hetrosexual may be bankable, there is a market of acceptance and interest.

I know my youth as a gay man was easier than the previous generation and theirs easier than the one before that. We stand on the shoulders of giants and champions; and maybe that is something that is being forgotten. However I am slightly facinated with the idea of hitting the personal freeze-frame, pause rewind and stop, then play me as a 16 year old in today’s world. Purely to see what would change and if I would do some of the daft things I did to hide or explore my sexuality.

I would say that this is not a cry out for a “Freaky Friday” experience, I do believe that today’s teenagers and early twenties have some of the hardest times ahead of them. I think they will become disenfranchised with rampant crony capitalism running the show, with faded and paler World of Nations. They will eventually come into there own but spend a lot of time repairing the damage that we, and our sires, have done. Fare to say when I am 100 years or whatever and slipping of the coil, I will be satisfied to go.

But there is that desire to watch me as Sim, or one of those ‘shadow cars’ you are racing against. I am curious to see if I would be so stoopid again.

So read; Tales of the City, Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda, Holding The Man and about Matthew Shepard. Watch; God’s Own Country, Milk, Boys Don’t Cry and Queer as Folk, listen; Steve Grand, Elton John and Eli Leib. support; Tom, Gus, Adam.

Or don’t.

Don’t ‘follow’ anyone. Don’t fall into the image trap. Don’t sacrifice your self from anyone.

But do discover and appreciate what this new freedom is; there was less of it 20 years ago, 40 years ago it was hardly a spark, 60 years ago it was almost so dark….

I am kinda jealous, but excited about how we will help change society, nations and civilisation.


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