The Queen Vic; Day One @sea

So far my limited experience on cruises has only been on the ocean lines; QE2, albeit for a short party cruise, and QM2 for a transatlantic. That is not to say that QV had not done and cannot do a transatlantic, but she is very much a criuse ship rather than a liner.

She is however astoundingly beautiful inside, very much the Cunard i saw on QM2, just slightly smaller.

So far we have enjoyed a few glasses of fizz at the sailaway from Southampton, a delicious first night meal and show, and breakfast of kings.

Deck games have been attempted, and lost by the other half 😏;

The celebrity guest speaker is Dr Christian Jenson, who gained favour for his subtle jibes at the Daily Mailgn (from which i think he has suffered something of a few takedown attempts) in front of an audience that would probably contain a fair few readers, but also from interesting and humorous tales from the medical profession.

I do genuinely love this kind of travel; from the quiet spaces to read and write to the enforced disconnection from the world; the views of wall to wall sea and the gentle sway and rumble as waves make way.

The interesting part is going to be tomorrow and our first stop; Bergen… But the last shot is our scrubbing up well.