There is probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.

Now, personally I do believe in something, but I adore the way this gets some Christians knickers in a twist.

The Atheist Bus Campaign; 800 buses feature the slogan: “There is probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.

“The evidential basis for God is the same as for believing there are fairies at the bottom of the garden, and if you don’t believe the latter, you shouldn’t believe the former,”
A C Grayling defending said campaign.

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  2. Christian challenges atheist bus advert.

Wee Magic Stane

The Stone of Destiny movie is out now and I am really looking forward to seeing it. From my primary school years i can remember the below poem by John McEvoy.

Wee Magic Stane
O the Dean of Westminster wis a powerful man,
He held all the strings of State in his hand,
But with all this great business it flustered him nane,
Till some rogues ran away wi’ his wee magic stane.
With a too ra li oor ra’ li oor a li ay.

Noo the Stane had great pow’rs that could dae such a thing
And withoot it, it seemed, we’d be wantin’ a King,
So he called in the Polis and gave this decree–
“Go an hunt oot the Stane and return it tae me.”
With a too ra li oor ra’ li oor a li ay.

So the Polis went beetlin up tae the North,
They huntit the Clyde and they huntit the Forth,
But the wild folk up yonder just Kiddit them a’,
For they didnae believe it wis magic at a’,
With a too ra li oor ra’ li oor a li ay.

Noo the Provost o’ Glesga, Sir Victor by name,
Wis awfy pit oot when he heard o the Stane,
So he offered the statues that staun in the Square,
That the High Churches’ Masons might mak a few mair.
With a too ra li oor ra’ li oor a li ay.

Whan the Dean o’ Westminster wi’ this wis acquaint,
He sent for Sir Victor and made him a Saint,
“Now it’s no use you sending your Statues down heah,”
Said the Dean, “But you’ve giv’n me a right good idea,”
With a too ra li oor ra’ li oor a li ay.

So he quarried a Stane o’the very same stuff,
And he dressed it a’ up till it looked like enough,
Then he sent for the Press and announced that the Stane,
Had been found and returned to Westminster again.
With a too ra li oor ra’ li oor a li ay.

Whan the reivers found oot what Westminster had done,
They went aboot diggin up Stanes by the ton,
And fur each wan they finished they entered a claim,
That this wis the true and original Stane.
With a too ra li oor ra’ li oor a li ay.

Noo the cream o the joke still remains to be telt,
For the bloke that wis turnin them aff on the belt,
At the peak o production wis so sorely pressed,
That the real yin got bunged in alang wi the rest.
With a too ra li oor ra’ li oor a li ay.

So if ever you come on a Stane wi’ a ring,
Jist sit yersel doon and proclaim yersel King,
Fur there’s nane wud be able to challege yir claim,
That you’d croont yersel King on the Destiny Stane.
With a too ra li oor ra’ li oor a li ay.

The Kitchen Basher

People pay for therapy, in-fact they can play a lot sometimes. So I figure I owe my friend Judith a whack of cash for the therapy I got yesterday.

 Judith has just bought a new property and it was, to say kindly, a bit run down. The fixtures and fittings had seen better days, in the 70s when they were fitted! So it was a few hands to a few pumps yesterday to lift carpets, explore basements and, the therapy of the day, remove the kitchen.

I focus on the kitchen as it was all accomplished with the use of hammers only, and after the last week in the office it was the perfect stress relief! The ‘breakfast bar’ didn’t put up much of a challenge and the real fun began with the shelves. One almighty whack of a shelf resulted in a single tile falling off the wall, landing on the work surface completely intact. Further investigation proved the theory that the only reason the tiles had stayed up was the fact that they were all fitted tightly together. Not the fact that they were stuck to the wall, as they weren’t!

A hammer blow to the tiled wall and there started a cascade of tile collapse. Very shortly later Judith got another hammer (I looked as if i was having to much fun) and in one swift running move took the tiles of the splash-back off. Needless to say all the frustrations of life came pouring out upon the poor tiles and J and I hammered and bash our way to contentedness.

It was bliss. I can say no more.

I wish J all the successes in the renovation of her wee place (beams and joists this week :o/ ) and below is the gang later attacking the fireplace.

Ah those comedy moments

The Cake

So it is Imbolc today, the Feast of St Brigid. This afternoon I am helping a friend with a new flat she has bought, so I thought why not bake a cake.

It has been about 10 years since I have baked anything in the way of cakes and the such, so it was with a little trepidation that I set about weighing out stuff. The aim was a victoria sponge, so essentially 2oz of everything per egg and a bit of elbow grease in the beating, folding and greasing etc.

Overall the end result, and the whole experience was enjoyable, so cake making might be back on the menu as a wee fun pastime. Maybe some scones next.

One lesson learned though, my cake tins are 8 inches and when you make a recipe that says it is for 6 inch tins, then your cakes are going to be thin! Enjoyably nice, I have sampled and achieved independent verification from Scott, but thin.

Next time, double everything up! 

The gift from the Gods that is the Dishwasher

Ah, I have a sense of completion about me this evening. Even if it is a slightly knackered sense of completion. About 9 months ago my friend Heather really kindly gave me her old dishwasher as she was up grading her kitchen and was getting a grown up full sized one. Now this wee slimline effort has lived in the cupboard leading to the attic for the last 9 months and last week I thought it was time to embrace this technology (those that know me would say I should have embraced it ages ago as I am not famed for my liking of doing the dishes – may better things to be doing).

The first challenge was to remove the cupboard that the new beast was going to replace. Whilst this may seem easy, dismantling this thing and making sure the work surface stayed up.

Removing the cupboard also showed how badly finished some of the things in these flats are. The plasterboard does not meet the floor and there was rubble from the construction underneath the cupboard. I am glad I am re-fitting the whole kitchen this year!

With the cupboard out I also discovered a plug that had just been covered over, so I now have a separate source of power for the dishwasher and the washing machine :oD

Getting the dishwasher down the spiral staircase was an amazing feat of bloody mindedness on my part. I was going to do it and there was no option on that!

The plumbing part was, to my surprise, relatively easy. I bought a Y shaped splitter for the cold from B&Q and bobs-your-uncle it all worked.

To say that I am pleased would be an understatement. What with Dug coming to stay and Scott entertaining the Catalans at some time soon it is going to make life a lot easier and less fraught.